CPS - Comprehensive Purchasing Services for fruit & vegetables

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CPS Comprehensive Purchasing Services for fruit & vegetables GmbH

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CPS Comprehensive Purchasing
Services for fruit & vegetables

CPS is a strategic body that specialises in procuring salad leaves and vegetables for European slicing facilities, sections of the food processing industry and food retailers. We work with selected producers in France, Italy, North Africa, Spain and Germany based on clear guidelines and annual contracts.

Strategies are tailored to each individual customer, including choosing growers in appropriate areas of cultivation, as well as shipping companies. This allows us to plan product ranges for each summer and/or winter season at fixed contract prices. Flexibility in day-to-day operations is one of our strengths. We are able to respond quickly to customer requirements such as changes in quantities, new delivery dates or by procuring additional products.

By adopting a holistic approach to procurement marketing, we can guarantee our customers high standards of quality and more reliable supplies.



Producers:As CPS partners, innovative companies provide reliable, high-quality supplies.
Shipping companies:Highly efficient, resourceful specialists who ensure a high degree of flexibility.
CPS:Develops customised sourcing strategies for each customer to meet their specific requirements.
Customers:Benefit from a full service offering encompassing advice, purchasing and logistics.
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