CPS - Comprehensive Purchasing Services for fruit & vegetables

Global sourcing

Our pool of suppliers includes cooperatives and growers in France, Greece, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Morocco and Germany. By building close, long-term relationships with producers we are able to secure sales volumes for our customers, thereby boosting customer loyalty over the long term. CPS is the link between the customer and the supplier, as well as the first port of call for all customer concerns. Thanks to global sourcing strategies, CPS is able to maintain supplies even in situations of shortages. In the event of short-term supply problems, equilibrium can be maintained, ensuring that the supplier/customer relationship is not affected.

Contingency planning
When it comes to planning for the future, we leave nothing to chance. We are fully informed about the growing situation in other European countries, as well as at production locations in North Africa and Israel. As soon as compelling alternatives open up, CPS is on the ball. We also have excellent contacts with major producers in the United States. CPS’ contingency planning includes procuring raw produce from overseas relatively quickly should supply shortages arise.