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CPS products – good by nature

With its full service offering, CPS focuses on companies in the fresh cut segment. Product requirements are correspondingly high. CPS has defined internal and external characteristics and its own specifications for each and every product. This guarantees optimum processing by machine. CPS is one of the few companies in the vegetable market to satisfy the requirements of the QS and ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Traceability starts right in the field where every hit is painstakingly labelled. By identifying the exact farm, section of land, the variety being cultivated and the date of planting, it is possible to track products down to seed level. Each pallet is also given a code so that produce can be traced back across every stage of distribution. All activities such as watering, fertilising, harvesting and loading are documented carefully.

Before the start of the season, each customer receives exemplary documentation from CPS for advance information. This includes details of the entire history of seeds and seedlings, the location, soil (nutrient content, microbiology, organic matter), crop protection measures, watering, fertilising, harvesting and loading. If necessary, customers can receive such documentation for every delivery. An outgoing checklist is prepared for raw produce leaving the production facility.

In Spain, CPS has an onsite worker who carries out quality control on produce. Peter Gruschwitz, managing director of CPS GmbH, also makes regular visits to check that quality standards are being maintained.Organic pest control in greenhouses.


Organic pest control in greenhouses

The paillage planting system

Mustafa Möknös (Soldive Maroc) and Peter Gruschwitz (CPS)

Harvesting salad in Provence