CPS - Comprehensive Purchasing Services for fruit & vegetables

Global GAP

One of the most important guarantees of safety and quality is partnering with selected producers. We work with the best producers in terms of price and performance who grow salad leaves and fresh vegetables based on guidelines provided by us and annual contracts. Global GAP standards and procedures set out good agricultural practices for producing fruit and vegetables worldwide. This certification mainly covers food safety, worker welfare and the environment. Aspects include integrated cultivation, extensive monitoring of residues and hygiene rules. All CPS producers hold this certification, as well as an array of national and international certificates such as BRC, Tesco, IFS, ISO or MAAP, for example.



José Maria Lloveras Xaubet, Mataró, Spain

Bruno Emeric of Saint Louis, a company in Provence, France

Monsieur Llan, grower of lamb’s lettuce for UDC Perpignan

Serge Ferrer and Claude Macabies, UDC Perpignan

Pascal Saillour of Saillour L'Aber, Brittany, France