CPS - Comprehensive Purchasing Services for fruit & vegetables


As in other sectors, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor in vegetable cultivation. It is about finding a balance between ecological, commercial and social considerations. Health and safety, fair pay, accommodation and social security for workers are pillars of social sustainability for which partner companies must take responsibility.

When it comes to ecological sustainability, it is CO2 that dominates the debate. Due to international transport streams between growing regions, there was previously no alternative to transporting fresh produce by truck. By using rail between Perpignan and Bettenbourg in Luxembourg, CPS has taken a first step towards changing this. Trailers of salad leaves from the area around Perpignan are loaded onto trains in Le Boulou on the Spanish border. Featuring refrigerated containers these set off on the same afternoon, arriving in Bettenbourg the following day. From there they are taken by tractor to their destination. The majority of the route is therefore covered without consuming any diesel. Other routes are already at the planning stage. CPS intends to gradually extend its use of this environmentally friendly means of transport.

Optimising internal and logistical processes is essential to the commercial viability of companies. One of the most important guarantees of safety and quality is partnering with selected producers. These innovative companies stand out for their clear structures and extremely effective management.